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Opioid Prevention Fact #2

Many diseases are treatable, including opioid use disorder. Learn about treatment for opioid use disorder at #KnowTheOFacts#ThereIsTreatment

Opioid Prevention Fact #1

Opioid use disorder is a disease that can be treated. #ItIsADisease #KnowtheOFacts

Opioid Prevention

The opioid crisis not only affects the person with the addiction – it affects the well-being of the entire family. Let’s work together to help reduce the stigma around this crisis and support those struggling with opioid use disorder. #ItIsADisease#LangageMatters#KnowTheOFacts

Opioid Prevention

Everyone has their “Aha!” moment – the moment a person with opioid use disorder realizes it’s a disease and it is beyond their own control. #ItIsADisease